MHD, Damso, SCH, Seth Gueko, La Fouine... Connais-tu la sneaker préférée de ton rappeur préféré ?
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  • Season 6 Finale, it was the best battle to be shown on tv. We literally can’t wait for the next episode. It was little disappointing that there is no northern conspiracy but the good parts crushed that bad part. And the Starks are back. Daenerys was controlling the dragon, Rhaegar and viceroys and the iron fleet joined her, as Rickon and Wun Wun were dead. Ramsay was also wrong, but we’re going to miss Iwan Rheon too. They are gonna sing songs of Jon, how a Winterfell fought against all the odds and took back Winterfell and when it is revealed that he is secretly a Targaryen and the actual heir to the throne it will be even more epic and exciting. And in the end finally, The Starks own the North www.gameofthronessea son7livestream.onlin e